We met with a client a few months ago who told us that she didn’t know there was such a thing called “branding” for a business. She had spent the past 14 years growing her business organically and never really had time to stop and think about marketing the business until now. She never had a logo and paid one of those online logo companies to design one. The end result was a corporate looking logo in a color scheme her grandfather might find attractive and she was out a few hundred dollars and wasn’t any closer to branding her business! She hired Cityguide Marketing Company to help create a new, fresh brand identity that would make her proud to look at day in and day out on her business card, marketing material and website. We’re still in the process of finalizing the logo and will move on to a full collateral package next. If this story is similar to yours, let us help! A lot can be said about first impressions and sometimes you only get one chance to stand out.