You search the internet. If you found us, hopefully it’s through either a referral or good ranking on an internet search (proves we know our stuff for SEO!) but how do you know we are the right company to hire? Until you meet us, you probably won’t know what we can do, what we will charge or if we are “the one” for you… but we feel pretty confident. Do your home work when you research a marketing company. You need to ask yourself “why do I need a company to help me?” and “what do I expect them to do for me?”. Then you need to be sure they can deliver.

Next, do some research. Are their clients happy with the work the company provided? You’ll never know unless you call them!

Are they competitive in pricing? Is their price all inclusive or will they try to up-sell you on everything? It recently came to my attention when we bid on an SEO job after a company paid someone else to design their site that SEO wasn’t included in the site design. What’s a pretty new website if you can’t even find it?

Another doozie I’ve run into is companies that can’t access their website statistics. They actually have NO idea how much traffic they are getting to their website! Yet another amazing revolution was that some businesses don’t have the original files for their logo they paid for! They have low resolution .jpgs that won’t even work on a print job. Seriously?

This is a good article on how to find the right marketing agency that is unbiased so read away and hopefully after doing some due diligence you’ll give us a ring to meet!¬†