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The Project

Dr. Wendy Briley came to us with a vision for her chiropractic business. After using an online logo company to create a new logo and a basic template company to design her website, she was unhappy with the results and had a logo and website that didn’t represent who she was or what her practice was all about. She wanted a branding strategy and that’s exactly what we gave her! We began with a logo design that embodied her business. Then on to a collateral package of business cards, letterhead & envelopes. Once we established a great working relationship. she hired us to design a new website and then we moved on to designing new marketing material and ads. Any time Dr. Briley needs our help she simply has to reach out and we are here to quickly design a new ad or any other project. We are thrilled that she finally has a “brand” that she loves and stands behind.

About Abundant Life Chiropractic

Wendy Briley, D.C. has been a licensed Chiropractor since 2000 and practiced in her previous clinic, Plaza Chiropractic, before moving to Kansas City, Kansas and opening Abundant Life Chiropractic in the Piper/Legends area. Learn more at

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