About Us - Aimee

  • Aimee Jacobson

  • President/Owner

President, Owner, Coffee Consultant, Entreprenuer, Wife, Soccer, Basketball & Baseball Mom, Chiefs & SKC Fan…

Aimee lives for the next challenge. California born, bred and educated, she moved from San Francisco with her husband and newborn son to Kansas City in 2001. Leaving over 10 years of corporate life with Gap, Inc., Aimee started her first business in 2002. After a long search for the perfect baby book and no desire to jump on the growing scrapbooking craze, she designed a simple, sophisticated baby album and aimeej keepsake albums was born. After 7 years of successes, including product lines in over 300 boutiques, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and making Oprah’s top baby gift list, Aimee sold the business in 2008 to begin the next challenge.

In 2008 Aimee created hercityguide, Kansas City’s online, social media and printed local guide to everything local, helping small business owners promote their business and helping women learn about what local treasures Kansas City has to offer. In 2009 she partnered with the owner of HERLIFE Magazine to start the Just for Her Expo, Kansas City’s premier annual women’s event.

Cityguide Marketing Company evolved when clients of hercityguide began asking Aimee for marketing advice. With the realization that she could help small businesses grow in more than just their advertising efforts, the official “Cityguide Marketing Co.” came to life. With 3 businesses and a family to manage, life can be challenging but Aimee quotes, “you can’t have success without first having a challenge”.